More printing. Less buildup.

Watch as CleanFlow™ technology is featured in this review of continuous ink jet printheads and see the difference.

Fewer cleanings. Less downtime. Increased production. The 1000 Line of Videojet coders with patented CleanFlow™ technology meet the high demands of meat and poultry production. With positive air pressure in the printhead, you get maximum print production between scheduled cleanings with less downtime from ink buildup. The perforated design, internal air pump and stainless steel cover provide cleaner, more reliable codes over time.

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VideoJet - Ultimate Peace of Mind


VideoJet - Ultimate Peace of Mind

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*Printhead tests were conducted by a third party. Tests were performed on a Videojet 1520 printer with same CleanFlow™ printhead design present on the 1620, in an accelerated test environment, which increases the speed of ink buildup by using an electric charge. The pictures shown are a comparison of the Videojet CleanFlow™ printhead, which does not require plant air, against a competive printer not using plant air. See for more information. Actual results in customer environments may vary.

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