High Quality, Cost-Effective, Low Maintenance & High Speed Production Line Printer by Videojet!

Any questions ? Call Us !    +91 - 7303060670

Any questions ? Call Us!    +91 - 7303060670

What codes can you print?

  • Apply high quality printing to any surface at high speeds on a product or packaging
  • Print permanent and high quality Manufacturing & Expiry Dates, GS1 Data Matrix & 2D Barcodes, Batch & Lot Numbers.
  • Print on primary packaging like pouches, wrappers, foils, pet & glass bottles, plastic & metal containers and many more!
  • Print on almost all types of secondary packaging like carton boxes, shipper cartons, cases and many more!

Reliable, High Quality Industrial Printer for Marking & Coding by Videojet!


Introducing the NEW Videojet 1860 CIJ Printer with Remote Service Options

Smart Cartridge™ fluid delivery system to virtually eliminate spills and help ensure the correct fluids are being used


Videojet’s line of printing / marking machines meets nearly any permanent /temporary code requirement. They deliver exceptional code quality at high production speeds, simple integration into the production line and resilient performance in harsh manufacturing environments.

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Videojet Technologies Inc. is a world-leading manufacturer of coding, printing and laser marking products, fluids, and accessories for the product identification industry. As experts in continuous ink jet (CIJ), case coding, thermal transfer overprinting (TTO), array, and laser technologies, Videojet has more than 325,000 units installed worldwide. Sales, service, training, administrative and application support is provided by direct operations worldwide, with more than 250 direct sales and service personnel in the United States alone. Videojet’s distribution network includes more than 175 distributors and OEMs, serving 135 countries.

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